Casey Grillo interview

Interview with Casey Grillo of Kamelot
by Steph Perry
January 24, 2008

You just returned from video shoots in Serbia. What songs did you guys work on? What experiences from this journey will you remember most and why?
We did Rule the World and Love you to Death. Two great songs…As for Serbia it’s always an experience. The people are so great and the food is just incredible. It was a great time like always.

A 2nd European tour in support of The Ghost Opera is scheduled this spring. What can fans expect this time?
We are working on the show now. There is going to be a lot added. The show just gets bigger and bigger everytime. I can tell you this… We have to take an extra truck because of the extra stage ideas we have….

When will Kamelot return to tour the US again?
I haven’t heard about a US tour yet but I am hoping we do one this year. If not a full tour maybe just a few places.

This was Oliver’s first studio record with Kamelot. Was the writing or recording process different this time around with his involvement?
Oliver just adds so much to the band. His playing… His love of music… He is like an artist painting a masterpiece, just so great to watch him work and to be able to work with him. I think you can hear the difference when you hear the new stuff back…

What have you gained as a musician by teaching drums? Has it inspired you to reach new heights in your craft?
Wow teaching to me is like a new door opening up every time I teach. Students can bring out the best in you. Makes you know what you need to work on and every student is different so you have to teach each person differently. I love that I have to be on my toes when I go to teach.

Any other news you would like to share?
So much going on at this moment. I don’t know what to say. I will be joining a new drum company this year. I can’t say who yet but it’s going to be great so look out for that… I have learned something very important this year and that is– Make great memories with your family and friends because you never know when they won’t be around. That’s what life is all about… It’s the memories that you share with each other. Thanks again and I hope to see you out on tour. My regards, Casey

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