George Rain interview

George Rain interview by Christine Krusewitz
October 18, 2013

Hi George, nice to do an interview with you. First of all, would you please introduce SEBASTIEN to our readers?

Hey… Nice to meet you! So, SEBASTIEN is a melody metal band from the Czech Republic. We started to play in 2008 and our first album, “Tears Of White Roses”, was produced by Roland Grapow and we released it via ESCAPE Music Ltd. in the whole Europe in 2010. We were working with many guests, like Amanda Somerville, Apollo Papathanasio, Fabio Lione, Mike DiMeo, etc. Last year we played a show on the main stage of the MASTERS OF ROCK festival and we were on the first European tour with CIRCLE II CIRCLE. This year we played at METALFEST, we supported ALICE COOPER on his gig in Brno and right now we are on tour with MASTERPLAN, MYSTIC PROPHECY and SIREN’S CRY. Our second album is in making now – again with Roland producing it.


How would you describe the music of SEBASTIEN to someone who has never heard of the band?

We are really melodic – to find a good and strong melody is always the most important thing. In general we are a power metal band, but you can also hear many influences from different genres.


You are actually on NOVUM INITIUM TOUR in Europe together with MASTERPLAN, MYSTIC PROPHECY and SIREN´S CRY. How is it going? Is there a chance to see you in USAin the near future?

The tour is just great – we are actually in the half of the tour right now and we’re really enjoying it. Fans are amazing and the atmosphere in the backstage is also cool, because we know each other with MASTERPLAN-guys and also with our friends from SIRECN’S CRY for a long time. Actually I’m talking to you from Budapest.


Your second album is in the making. When can we expect it in shops?

Hopefully in the Spring 2014. We still need to finish some vocals and keyboard-parts. I really believe in the new material and I hope people will also like it!


“Dark Chambers Of Déja-Vu” is the title of the new album. Is it a concept album or is there a story behind it?

There’s no concept behind it – every song has it’s own story. Just the atmosphere of the lyrics and our new music lead us to create a darker album-title and also a darker design.


You had with Fabio Lione and Apollo Papathanasio two great guest singers on your first album“Tears Of White Roses”. Will we be able to hear such great singers on the second album?

We don’t want to continue in the “metal opera” way, but you can really look forward to some special guests. One of them already sent me his parts and it’s just awesome!!! Have to say he’s one of my most favourite singers ever, so, it’s such an honour to hear him singing my melodies.


Who writes the lyrics and music in ?

For lyrics we asked our friend and a great lyric writer, Jan Petričko! He worked with us on all lyrics for “Tears Of White Roses” already and we didn’t have a reason why not to ask him for a cooperation again. I wrote most of the songs for the album again, but some of them are written by Andy and Petri… 2 songs we wrote all together this time and all arrangements are a common work of the whole band. Roland also helps us a lot with the songs …he’s a great producer and he always brings fresh ideas.


How did it come to the cooperation with Roland Grapow as your producer?

I wrote him an e-mail in the Summer of 2009. Was asking him, if he would record our album and I sent him also 2 songs from our preproduction, which we really believed in (it was “Remiel In Flames” and “Dorian”). He liked our music and so he said YES …the rest is history, haha.


What are the biggest influences for your music and from where do you get your inspirations?

We have some bands and artists, which we all like – let’s mention KAMELOT, WITHIN TEMPTATION, NIGHTWISH, etc. Then everyone of us has their own favourites. The inspiration is an extraordinary thing and it’s visiting me (and us all) whenever it wants. Have to say I’m really glad and happy, that I have this gift – to hear melodies inside my head.


If you have to cover a popsong, which one should it be?

Haha, I really don’t know. Never thought about that. Maybe something from the eighties …or rather some new stuff?!?
Hmmm, I will answer this question next time, ok?


Unfortunately we’re already at the end, thank you for taking the time. Is there something you want to add?

Thank you so much for your questions. We’re just so glad, that we can live this dream of recording our music, or being on tour. But without fans we’re nothing! So, I’d like to say THANK YOU to all of our fans. Check out our music, on our official website – you can download our new single, “Crucifixion of the Heart” for FREE!!!! Cheers and stay ROCK!!!

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