Pete Way interview

Pete Way interview
August 28, 2000
by Steph Perry

Pete Way has been the rockin’ force behind the bass for the band UFO for close to 30 years. Pete spoke very highly of his band mates and considers them close friends. Over the years, Pete has toured with Ozzy, produced Twisted Sister, and worked on his own projects such as Fast Way and Mogg/Way. Pete’s most recent side project is a solo album called Amphetamine. UFO also has a new CD out titled Covenant. Way is an avid soccer player and says that soccer is more dangerous than rock n’ roll!

Has there been a good reaction so far to the Covenant record?
Yes, you know I’ve been very lucky, most of the people I speak to like it. Every now and again you get someone who says they prefer Walk on Water. My analysis of it is, as a band goes through a growing process, for example if I was in The Eagles and after we came out with Hotel California, we came out with The Long Run, people might say that one is better than the other, but both were hugely popular. Looking back, before this record was completed, I had been doing a whole bunch of interviews across Europe and the States, and people would say, ‘if I had money to bet on something, I would bet you guys would never make another album’. So it’s very satisfying to get this out to the fans.
You know what was really good, was getting back in the studio with Michael and Phil, and just playing a bit of rock n’ roll and going, ‘this is great’. And that was the whole reason we did the album. Thinking, ‘wow this is just like being back in London again, we’re enjoying what we do.’ It dawned on us that we work really well together and we are actually friends. That really made the whole thing possible…money’s one thing but we’d like to think we’ve kept our integrity.

Are you looking forward to the upcoming tour?
Yes, definitely. We’ll be able to show what we can do and that is the determination that went into making the album. We just want to go out and do real well. We’re hoping to set upsome US dates in January 2001. This will be the first US tour in 5 years, so it should be amazing!

What’s next for UFO?
I’d really like to think that after our world tour finishes next year, it would be great if we went right back in the studio to do another album. The spontaneity in the studio was pretty cool actually, I don’t want to say that it was like the old days because that sounds a bit silly, but just feeling good about doing what you do. Sure you get paid, but it’s not about the money. It’s about the enjoyment you do together. One thing that’s special about UFO, is to be on stage with UFO, and see people that have been with you for 20 years getting a sheer delight out of the band. We owe them another album.

Did you ever imagine as a young musician that UFO would last close to 30 years?
You never really do…We’ve always tried to do everything well…When we’ve not felt good about working together, we’ve broken up. In some ways we’ve kind of given our heart and soul to it. It’s not our ambition to be having people still playing our records after 20 plus years — it’s actually a dream come true.

I appreciate your time today, any closing thoughts for our readers?
It’s great to have the opportunity to bring out a new album in the new millennium. It’s great to be able to work with Mike and Phil and it’s also great to kind of visit our fans and friends and show them that we haven’t lost our touch.

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