DVD Review – Iced Earth

Iced Earth – Festivals Of The Wicked
Review By Jeanette Lea

My pre-ordered copy of the eagerly awaited Festivals Of The Wicked Limited Deluxe Box arrived. I have been so enthusiastic about this release for a long time, and it certainly has been worth the long wait.

A very nice box including two DVD’s, one CD, Posterflag, booklet and with this product 5 MP3s to download at no cost out of a selection of 20 MP3S on www.centurymedia.com/specials/icedearth/ with your personal code. This is a very impressive
box. The Posterflag was a pleasant surprise, as I didn’t know about it when I put in my order.

Having over 6 hours of footage including an hour long documentary and 3 full shows is truly awesome. Having had the release for 2 weeks, I have had plenty of time to digest everything giving it 3 viewings. This is shot with superb picture and sound quality.

The 60 minute documentary is very interesting. Jon does the majority of the talking covering various topics, including the eye opening Greece story. Matt, Brent, Troy and Freddie have their say too.

The three concerts show the band on top form. The inclusion of two concerts with Matt on vocals and one with Tim is brilliant. Performing lots of awesome material and fans favourites.

The are four video clips The Reckoning, When The Eagle Cries, Declaration Day, and Ten Thousand Strong. Also included are Framing
Armageddon Commercial and photo galleries.

The CD also includes live material from each of the shows.

This release is without any doubt excellent value for the cost and I give it a 5 star rating.


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